The next step in your quilting journey. 
Using your sampler set, you will learn how to expand your skills and explore new techniques to enhance your quilting.
Experiment with different geometric shapes to show off your quilt 


includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and tutor fee


Fabric practice pieces – pack of 2 @$20.00


Sewing Machine – IN GOOD WORKING ORDER AND ACCOMPANIED BY THE INSTRUCTION  MANUAL.  Also have some knowledge on how your machine works
Flat extension table to fit sewing machine, 
Tool kit that is supplied with your sewing machine
Extra bobbin case for your machine (optional)
Sew slip mat or Supreme Slider (only if you have one)
Westalee Ruler foot and Westalee Ruler Starter Set (see Note)
Extra machine Needles
Quality threads
Sewing accessories, ie: scissor, seam ripper etc
Extension cord
Note:   If you have not already purchased the Westalee ruler foot or     Sampler set, please contact Sharon with the  model and make of your sewing machine that you be using on the day so that she can order them for you.


Sharon’s sewing and textile journey began as a 12 year old and first year high school student.   She had an inspirational textiles teacher at school and her interest and education continued from there.  Quilting came later and having only been doing it for about 15 years.  Since beginning patchwork and quilting, Sharon has tried various techniques, though she has always wanted to complete the whole    process from start to finish.  Having come across the Westalee quilting rulers, Sharon began to see how she could achieve the final   major part of quilting herself.  Sharon took a couple of classes and was hooked.  It has now become something that she is passionate about and inspired to share with others.

Quilting with Westalee Rulers Step Up SUN


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