This workshop will consist of a demonstration of the traditional Sashiko and Boro Stitching followed by a sampler Kogin and the opportunity to design your own piece combining all three stitcheries.


Sashiko is the traditional stitchery from Japan that started out of practical need to reinforce points of wear or to repair warn tears with patches. Sashiko is a simple running stitch, typically sewn in parallel lines.


Boro is the art of Japanese mending. Originally used to extend the life of ragged and tattered clothing and household items by sewing patches in place. Years of patching and repairing resulted in a one-of-a-kind garment or item.


Kogin is an ancient Embroidery technique originating from the Aomori prefecture in Japan. Traditionally, a cotton thread was embroidered on a hemp or linen fabrics to make peasants garment more resistant to cold climates. With time, kogin designs became more specific to particular areas and developed into an art.  


Includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and tutor fee


Payable to the tutor, includes fabric and patterns.


ruler(around 8” square but whatever small one you have) 
small embroidery scissors, 
frixion pen (green if you have), 
small table lamp (optional) 


Julie loves patchwork, embroidery and hand sewing. She is enthusiastic about  hexagons, paper piecing, wool felt embroidery, Boro, Kogin and sashiko. Julie finds sashiko very relaxing as all the stitches are the same but the end results of a project are fulfilling and quite unique to your own design. Enjoy a day with Julie to design and stitch. You will be amazed at how quickly your project will come together.

Stitchery Sashiko, Boro, Kogin SAT


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