Create these stunning outdoor paintings that are made with a special coloured paste created by Carmen to give your art LIFE and DIMENSION!


Finished size is approx 30cm x 40cm on primed plywood that can be placed outside and withstand weather, scrubbing and hosing.


Learn how to prime the plywood, create the paste and mix the colours.


includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and tutor fee


KIT $30
Payable to the tutor

Kit price covers the cost of using the tutor's equipment for the workshop

take home kits will be available to purchase on the day


Heat gun or hair dryer to speed up the drying process

an apron

further requrirements list available from the tutor on booking.



Carmen is passionate about all forms of art and has created a special paste that can be easily made from readily accessible ingredients.

Waterproof Outdoor Painting SUN PM


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